Goals: where do you want to go?

How to begin?  Where to begin?

Why are you doing what you are doing?  What makes it different from everything else?  What would you as the creative force behind the work have in mind when you say, “That would be a success”.  

The better I understand your vision, the more effectively I can help you articulate it to your team, your partners, and to everyone else that should hear it.  Or help you build a Web site, a social media presence, or other communications that reflect the essence of your work, your product, or your "brand".

So, I listen, brainstorm with you, listen some more, ask questions, listen again, and say “what if” a lot.  All to gain a comprehensive understanding of your perspectives and goals.

Then, we go to work to create what is needed to communicate through "portal four" - the digital media space.