"Portal Four" - what?

The name "portal four" is an acknowledgment of the importance of the the digital media space - to the success of almost every social, artistic, or commercial endeavor.

This web site introduces my mission to share my knowledge, both technical and non-technical, so that all of those "points of contact" can work in harmony to give people who are passionate about something the chance to have their voices heard and their creative output recognized and appreciated.

The basic idea of effectively using the digital communications space - "portal four" - to create and grow a coherent identity applies just as well to services, individual creative works, and philanthropic or political activities as it does to products.


When I was managing the brand in Asia for a large [billion dollar] multinational company, I developed a sort of meme or mantra about making sure that everything we did involved "four points of contact" between our brand and our market.  Those four points were broad channels that we should always use to communicate, namely:

  • ONE - our retail stores: where our customers are "in the house" - our house - and it was our goal to make them feel comfortable, make them feel welcome, and make them feel appreciated.
  • TWO - public media: to ensure that we were accessible, honest, and transparent when we handled inquiries from print or broadcast media entities.
  • THREE - our own advertising: where we could say what we wanted to say, in the way we wanted to say it.
  • PORTAL FOUR - the Internet and the digital media space: where there are so many opportunities for real interaction with "the market", and possibilities to nurture communities of people that were somewhere on what we hoped would be the journey from "aware that we exist" to "enthusiastic champion of our brand".